About Us

The year 2023 may have been devoid of such dramatic new events as the years preceding it, but Russia’s cruel aggression against Ukraine continued, and inflation was still taking its toll on us, which was unfortunately also visible in the rising prices of books.

The two books by Piotr Zychowicz turned out to be absolute bestsellers: The Ukrainians (published at the end of 2022) and War for Ukraine. War for the World (co-written with Jacek Bartosiak).

The year 2024 started much more dynamically – from the February film premiere of DUNE movie no. 2 , through the March premiere of The Zone of Interest and its winning an Oscar for best international feature film, till The Three-Body Problem based Netflix series launch – all these greatly revived interest in the books we have been publishing for years. This only proves that we publish works which are important and interesting not only for readers.

The next few months are going to be very interesting, too, especially May and the launch of three important titles on the eve of the Vivelo Book Fair at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Firstly, The Year of the Locust by Terry Hayes, the long, long-awaited second novel by the author of the best-selling I Am Pilgrim. Let us also add that the author will personally promote the book at the Fair.

Secondly, To Fly Far Away by Ałbena Grabowska – another instalment of history of Poland and the Poles in the 20th century.

And thirdly, the biography of a great Polish actor Roman Wilhelmi by Magda Jaros.

The next months will also bring many new, interesting books in virtually each field of our publishing activity.

Fans of good literature will surely enjoy new works by Carla Montero, Michael Cunningham and Salman Rushdie.

Fantasy lovers will certainly be pleased with subsequent volumes in our "Time Machine" SF series (Wyndham, Clarke and Spinrad), as well as a new novel set in the world of Dune – Princess of Dune. Thriller brings novels by Dennis Lehane, Robin Cook and Jeffrey Archer. Among our psychology books it is worth noting Fulfilled by Michał Lew-Starowicz and Beata Biały, Addicted to Drama by Scott Lyons or Women Who Are Ashamed too Much by Beata Biały. In biographies we will read about the Machulski family and about Coco Chanel, and after summer holidays we will be treated to a real array of historical books: in September, Assyria by Eckart Frahm, in October, Christendom by Peter Heather as well as the first volume of the monumental World War II monograph by Richard Overy, and in November The Emperor of Rome by the wonderful Mary Beard.

Additionally: the new Fukuyama, the new Felshtinsky and the new edition of Kotler’s Marketing Management along with dozens of other oncoming titles.

All in all, there are a lot of new exciting things to look forward to at REBIS this year!