About Us

It is difficult to determine unambiguously whether last year was good or bad for REBIS Publishing House.

On the one hand, as usual, we received a lot of awards and distinctions, for example the title of the Book of the Year awarded by “Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI” for the The Oxford History of Poland-Lithuania in the History category (this is the fifteenth title of the Book of the Year granted by this magazine to our publishing house) or a lot of readers’ interest and heated discussions on the two further books by Piotr Zychowicz (especially on Tarnished Armour), and on the other hand, sadness after some of our beloved authors: Amos Oz, Wiesław Adamczyk and Tadeusz Kisielewski passed away.

Let us hope that 2019 will bring only joyous events. And among them will be, of course, new books by our wonderful authors, both those who have published with us for a long time, as well as newcomers.

In fiction, we can announce the release of new novels by our star authors in the autumn: Elizabeth Gilbert and Jonathan Carroll, while in April we plan to publish a superb novel by Manuel Vilas Ordesa – Book of the Year 2018 in Spain.

Traditionally, a lot of new titles in the thriller – just to mention novels by Minier, Cook, Kallentoft or Willocks.

In SF and fantasy finally we face the launch of a new series of SF classics, with such great names as Daniel Keyes, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein and Roger Zelazny, to start with. It is also worth mentioning here the most popular novels of recent year, i.e. those by a wonderful Chinese author, Cixin Liu.

In our biographical series, we strongly recommend Desert Sniper by Ed Nash on the one hand, and the book on the English Premier League entitled The Club, on the other.

As always, there are a lot of new titles in our historical offer – just to mention books about the empire of Alexander the Great, about the Templars, about the history of Muslims on the Iberian Peninsula and about the Byzantine Empire, as well as about modern times, e.g. at the beginning of July a new book by Piotr Zychowicz (the subject? Too early to reveal it, please wait…), and in the autumn, the latest title by Andrew Nagorski, The Year Germany Lost the War: 1941. In March, the work about Enigma entitled X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken by Dermot Turing already evoked a lot of interest and the author visited Poland for the second time.

We will get acquainted with problems of the more recent times thanks to Mafia life by Federico Varese and thanks to the memoir of nearly three-year captivity in the Somali pirates, The Desert And The Sea by Michael Scott Moore.

Lots of new titles also in our psychological section: books for managers, for couples, for parents, for teenagers, and for all those who want and need help in various relationships.

For the first time with us excellent Katarzyna Miller who, along with Andrzej Gryżewski, prepared a book How To Be A Couple And Not Go Mad?

For the end of the year we will prepare a whole series of the so well received in 2018, magnificent Atlases: to the already known The Phantom Atlas and The Golden Atlas we will add yet one more: The Sky Atlas.

We are working on a superb photo album, Our Planet.

We also promise new audio books and over a hundred new e-books.

Dear Reader – we do hope that you will find something interesting and enjoyable to read in our 2019 offer!