About Us

2017 turned out to be a very good year for REBIS. First of all, quite unexpectedly the two young readers titles by Jay Asher appeared very successful: we sold over 100,000 copies of 13 Reasons Why (Netflix series based on the book) while What Light won the EMPiK 2017 Bestseller in its category. The Polish debut of Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem was extremely well received by fantasy and SF fans, and the publication of Piotr Zychowicz’s The Germans, as all his previous books – reverberated in the media and among readers.

Additionally, REBIS received yet another “Business Fair Play” award, for the eighteenth time, as well as the fourteenth title of Book Of The Year by “Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI”: this time granted to The Suwalki Gap by Tadeusz A. Kisielewski.
We strongly hope that the year 2018 will be equally good, or even better…

In literary fiction this time we have a number of titles from Spain (Antonio Muñoz Molina and Andrés Ibáñez as well as a brilliant novel by Alfonso Cruz), Portugal (the Nobel prizewinner José Saramago) and Brazil (Adriana Lisboa), but we also plan a publication of the last short story collection by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In thriller section we recommend not only new novels by our star writers, including Minier, Kallentoft or Cook, but also a new novel by Michael Crichton, to be published in REBIS for the first time, and a new Polish author, Przemysław Semczuk.

Fantasy and SF will see not only a debut of at least two new series – Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames (fantasy) and Fractured Europe by Dave Hutchinson (SF), but also new novels by our fantastic masters, such as Cixin Liu, Terry Goodkind, David Weber, Tad Williams, Terry Pratchett, and Brian Staveley.

In our series of books about recognized global companies, started with Shoe Dog about Nike, these two seem particularly interesting: Citizen Coke (obviously about the Coca-Cola company) and The Four: The Hidden DNA of the Tech Giants (i.e. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google).

For art lovers we are preparing a magnificent album with photographs by Annie Leibovitz and a memoir of Marina Abramović, while for those interested in ancient history we have Goldsworthy’s Pax Romana.

We hope that our launch of The Oxford History Of Poland-Lithuania by Professor Robert Frost, planned for the autumn, will turn into a big publishing event.

A stormy discussion was already evoked at the beginning of the year by our publication of Tarnished Armour by Piotr Zychowicz: a book describing dark pages in the epic history of The Cursed Soldiers.

As always, there is a lot of new and interesting titles in our self-help range – books for business people, for young people, for parents and virtually just for everyone. We encourage our readers to pay a special attention to the two books about teenage depression, both written by Shirley Reynolds and Monika Parkinson. We also want to give our special recommendation to the latest, revised and expanded edition of What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

And we would like to draw our readers’ special attention to the latest book by Amos Oz entitled Szalom lakana’im – an extremely important voice in a debate over the issues of contemporary world.

As usual, we aim to publish several titles in audio version and over a hundred new e-books.

Enjoy reading!