About Us

The year 2022 was marked by events that strongly affected our business. Firstly, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the war-induced acceleration of already high inflation. Secondly, the resulting sharply rising costs of book production, especially the price of paper.

As for the war, we became actively involved in humanitarian aid for Ukraine (we donated profits from the sale of our bestselling World War III Is Coming by Jacek Bartosiak and Piotr Zychowicz to this cause). As for the increase in production costs, unfortunately it resulted in raising books’ retail prices, which in turn made us search for various savings in the production process.

The year 2023 promises to be very interesting – its beginning has already brought, among others, new novels by two of our bestselling authors: Bernard Minier’s Lucia and Carla Montero’s El Medallon de fuego, as well as a completely new and revised edition of Campbell Biology and yet one more bestselling title by Ewa Ornacka, On the Other Side. For lovers of history, the most interesting proposals are certainly the two-volume edition of The Napoleonic Wars: A Global History by Alexander Mikaberidze and Philip & Alexander by already well-known in Poland Adrian Goldsworthy.

The following months of 2023 also look promising and interesting for our readers thanks to e.g. the oncoming novels by Salman Rushdie or Jeffrey Archer and new books by authors whom we have been publishing for years: Robin Cook and Graham Masterton.

As ever, our fantasy section is very interesting, especially our “Time Machine” series (with authors such as Clarke, Anderson, Asimov), as well as the Dune universe – we are all looking forward to the November premiere of the second Dune film.

Our biographical series was very well received, especially the last two books about Polish artists Kora and Franciszek Pieczka. The next one will be the biography of the recently deceased actor Jan Nowicki. We are also preparing other titles in this field: Nina and Józef. Scenes from the Past Life, Running up that Hill: 50 Visions of Kate Bush and the new edition of Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life.

In history, we will continue to publish yet more new titles, topics ranging from antiquity (e.g. The Persians) to the 20th century (the latest monograph on Hitler by Brendan Simms Hitler: Only the World Was Enough).

There is also much new in the field of psychology in its broadest sense – first of all, a new edition of the excellent academic textbook Psychology as well as several new self-help titles, by both foreign and Polish authors (e.g. Katarzyna Miller, Małgorzata Majewska, Michał Lew-Starowicz and more).

In short – a plethora of new books to read day and night!